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A strictly volunteer organization, Aavegh has provided over 30 local artists with a platform to perform and has donated over $20,000 to local charities that support efforts of building awareness on issues highlighted in Aavegh's performances.  Artists draw upon their Indian and American heritage, display their talents on stage, and enjoy sharing their time and talent for a greater cause.



Supna Chaudhari Jain - Founder/Artistic Director

Manjima Bose - Executive/Communications Director
Shobhit Jain - Production Director


Mara K Berkland - Aavegh Talk facilitator

Manjima Bose - Choreographer, dancer, poet

Farah Chalisa - Poet
Gopi Engineer - Choreographer, dancer
Nupur Engineer - Dancer

Chetna Bosale Funk - Artist

Seema Chaudhari Garg - Poet

Vedika Garg - Dancer

Mansi Pathak - Choreographer, dancer

Taposhi Jarvis - Dancer

Ravi Shah - Dancer

Nidhi Sharma - Dancer

Yadhvi Garg - Dancer
Aarav Jain - Dancer

Shobhit Jain - Artist, dancer

Supna Chaudhari Jain - Choreographer, dancer

Reena Shah Kansal - Dancer

Jyotsna Kottoor - Poet

Sindhu Kuruvilla - Dancer

Ranjana Paintal - Dancer

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